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Malfunction Analysis of Double Shaft Mixer

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The double shaft mixer is mainly composed of driving device, tank body, main shaft assembly, cover plate, atomizing device and other components. Common faults during use are roughly due to the following reasons:


1) Loose blade bolts cause the blade angle to change

2) Bending deformation or breaking of the blade shaft

3) Blade wear

4) Bearing damage

5) The tooth surface of the gear is worn, causing vibration and noise

6) Large foreign objects fall into the tank, causing the blade to jam

7) Material agglomerates at the bottom between the blade and tank

8) Loosening of bearing seat fixing bolts and driving device bolts

9) Blockage of atomizing nozzle


10)The following solutions are summarized for the above reasons

1)Double shaft mixers is continuous operation, it should strictly follow the instructions for use, and tighten the bolts of the equipment regularly every 24 hours. Tighten the bolts of each blade to prevent the blade angle from changing due to the loosening of the bolts, causing the material is pushed slowly and the output is reduced, and the load of the mixer is increased. The regular tightening of the bearing seat bolts, reducer, and motor seat bolts prevents the main shaft from vibrating during operation, resulting the bearing is damaged and the gear mesh clearance is too large to damage.

2) The blade shaft should be replaced in time if it is found to be bent or deformed during regular inspection. When the blade head is seriously worn, the blade should be replaced in time.


3) Regularly add lubricating oil to the reducer, bearing chamber and gear shaft to prevent wear and damage caused by lack of oil.

4) The feed in the tank must be uniform, and the tank must not be stacked, which will cause overload stirring. When it is found that the blocking material and foreign matter enter, it should be stopped in time for inspection or the blocking material should be cleaned to avoid damage to the blade. Clean the agglomerated materials at the bottom of the tank regularly to prevent the agglomeration from increasing the load when the agglomeration is restarted, causing blade wear, damage or stuck phenomenon.

5) Regularly inspect the nozzle of the atomizing device. If there is any blockage, dredge or replace the nozzle in time. Check the water supply device for foreign objects.

6) Regular maintenance and repair of the equipment can extend the service life of the equipment. Check every part of the equipment regularly and strictly abide by the instructions of the equipment to reduce the failure rate of the equipment.

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