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Pulse Bag Type Dust Collector

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Pulse bag type dust collector is a kind of bag type dust collector which has the advantages of our company's comprehensive sub-room back-blowing pulse jet dust cleaning various bag type dust collectors, and has been optimized and improved. It has the characteristics of the overall cleaning of the chamber. Adopt the large-scale pulse valve cleaning form, which has the advantages of strong cleaning ability, good effect and long service life.

Dust-containing gas enters from the dust collector from the air inlet, passes through the wind deflector, and turns to the ash hopper. At the same time, the air flow speed becomes slow. Due to inertia, coarse and large particles of dust in the gas fall into the ash hopper, and fine dust particles follow the air flow. The upper part enters the middle box, and the fine dust adheres to the outer surface of the filter bag. The purified gas passes through the filter bag and enters the upper air purifying chamber, which is collected by each sub-chamber purifying chamber, discharged from the air outlet, and sucked out by the fan of the dust collection system. Exhaust into the atmosphere. As the filtering conditions continue to progress, the dust attached to the surface of the filter bag gradually increases, and the resistance to the passage of airflow also gradually increases. Therefore, it is necessary to control the dust removal of the dust collector through a regular dust removal program controller.


The dust cleaning process is an automatic control program that controls the lift valve of the first filter chamber to close, cut off the air flow through the chamber, and keep the bag in the chamber in a state where no air flow passes; then open the pulse valve to release the compressed air and filter the first All the filter bags in the room are pulse sprayed to clean the dust, causing each filter bag to expand suddenly and rapidly, thereby vibrating the dust accumulated on the surface of the filter bag, and returning the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the filter bag to the starting state. The dust settles and the dust hopper Afterwards, the program controller opens the poppet valve at the specified interval to restore the filtration of the first filter chamber, and then closes the poppet valve of the second filter chamber, cuts off the filtered airflow of the second chamber, and opens the solenoid valve of the second sub-chamber to release the compressed air. All filter bags in the second room are cleaned by pulse blowing with wind stop. After that, the filter bags of each filter chamber are sprayed and cleaned by stopping wind until the last filter chamber is cleaned, and then enter the next spray cycle according to the time setting.


1. Pneumatic system: including pulse valve, poppet valve, air bag, air pipeline, etc.

2. Body: including upper box, exhaust chamber and middle box.

3. Ash hopper: temporary storage device for primary sedimentation of coarse particles and collected dust.

4. Maintenance door: installed on the top of the upper box, open the door when replacing the filter bag and bag cage, and perform the replacement operation.

5. Ash discharge device: discharge the dust accumulated in the ash hopper and prevent outside air from entering the dust collector.

6. Other accessories: including fences, ladders, etc.

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