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Brief Introduction of Jaw Crusher

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The working part of the jaw crusher is two jaw plates, one is a fixed jaw plate (fixed jaw), vertical (or slightly inclined at the upper end) is fixed on the front wall of the body, and the other is a movable jaw plate (moving jaw) inclined to form a crushing cavity (working cavity) with the upper and lower sides and the fixed jaw plate. The movable jaws make periodic reciprocating movements against the fixed jaws, sometimes separating and sometimes approaching. When separated, the material enters the crushing cavity, and the finished product is discharged from the lower part. When approaching, the material installed between the two jaws is squeezed, bent and split to be broken.


Jaw crusher can be divided into three types of simple swing jaw crusher (simple swing jaw crusher), complex swing jaw crusher (compound swing jaw crusher) and comprehensive swing according to different swinging ways of movable jaw plate.



The simple swinging jaw crusher movable jaw is suspended on the mandrel and can swing left and right. When the eccentric shaft rotates, the connecting rod reciprocates up and down, driving the two thrust plates to reciprocate, and then pushes the movable jaw to reciprocate left and right to complete crushing and unloading. This kind of crusher uses a crank double connecting rod mechanism. Although the movable jaw is subject to a large crushing reaction force, but its eccentric shaft and connecting rod are not stressed, so the industry is mostly made into large and medium-sized machines to break sturdy materials.


In addition, during the operation of this crusher, the trajectory of each point on the movable jaw is an arc centered on the mandrel. The radius of the arc is equal to the interval from the point to the axis. The upper arc is small and the lower arc is large. The crushing power is low, the crushing ratio is generally 3-6, and the trajectory is simple, so it is called a simple pendulum jaw crusher.

 PE、PEX 系列颚式破碎机.jpg

The upper end of the compound pendulum-type crushing movable jaw is directly hung on the eccentric shaft. As the connecting rod of the crank connecting rod mechanism, it is directly driven by the eccentricity of the eccentric shaft. When the eccentric shaft rotates, the movement trajectory of each point on the movable jaw is changed from the circumferential line of the suspension point (the radius is equal to the eccentric distance), and gradually becomes an ellipse downward, and the lower the lower part, the more elliptical. Until the locus of the connection point between the lower part and the thrust plate is a circular arc. Because the movement trajectory of each point on the movable jaw in this machine is relatively messy, it is called a compound pendulum jaw crusher.


Jaw crusher is the main product of our company, which has the characteristics of high production efficiency, good structural stability and low failure rate, which guarantees the timeliness and profit of industrial production.

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