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Granulation Equipment—Double Roller Granulator

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Double roller granulator is a special ball-forming equipment designed by Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., which is used to form a powder or small granular material into a specific shape. It is a key equipment of the ceramsite production line, which has the characteristics of uniform discharge, high yield, large output, compact structure, reasonable layout and small footprint, which can meet the requirements of the granulation process of sludge ceramsite, shale ceramsite, and fly ash ceramsite.


The material that meets the granulation requirements (moisture is generally 20-25%) is conveyed to the double roller granulator by a belt conveyor, and the material is extruded into required shape through the dynamic and static roller extrusion of double roller granulator,then it is sent to the next section through the belt conveyor below the granulator.

The double roller granulator is mainly composed of movable roller device, fixed roller device, roller support device, adjusting device and driving device. The main structural features are:


1. The gap between the dynamic and static rollers can be adjusted, and the gap between the two rollers can be automatically adjusted according to the nature of the material;

2. The support device adopts the form of rolling bearing seat, which makes maintenance and repair more convenient;

3. The whole machine adopts integrated design, which occupies a small area;

4. The transmission device adopts direct motor connection, the transmission is relatively stable and the noise is low;

5. It has a sealed cover, which can effectively prevent the overflow of materials and help maintain a good on-site working environment.

The double roller granulator produced by Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has its unique advantages by virtue of advanced processing and technical level:

1. With advanced technology and stable quality, the double roller granulator developed for the calcination characteristics of ceramsite has won unanimous praise from customers.

2. The production efficiency is high, and the ball formation rate reaches over 90%.

3. The material is evenly discharged, and the ceramsite size is uniform, which can meet the requirements of the size and shape of the ceramsite rotary kiln.

4. The overall operation of the equipment is stable and the noise is low.In the meantime, the sealed cover is used to receive the material. The working site is clean and tidy, which reducing the labor intensity of the workers.

Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery specializes in producing various types of granulation equipment. Customers are welcome to visit and inspect. We can experiment with your raw materials and select the appropriate granulation equipment for you.

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