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Granulating Equipment---ZKL Series Granulator

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ZKL series granulator is a special forming granulation equipment designed by Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. for ceramsite sand production line, and is the key equipment of ceramsite sand production line. The ceramsite sand produced by it has the characteristics of high strength, good sphericity, less burr on the smooth surface, uniform particle size, etc. It can be widely used in construction, refractory materials, fracturing oil proppant, shale gas mining and other fields.

When ZKL series granulator produces ceramsite sand, it is necessary to first put about 1/3 of the production capacity into the granulator, and then spray atomized water into the granulator through the atomizing nozzle. At the same time, the raw material powder needs to be added to the granulator through the slide tube. In the process of continuously adding water and powder, the cue ball rolls inside the granulator, continuously wrapping the powder and water layer by layer on the surface, and after a granulation cycle, it grows to be close to the particle size we need. At this time, it is necessary to stop replenishing water, add a small amount of powder and continue to stir. After a while, wait until the powder is completely wrapped on the cue ball, when the surface is smooth, you can open the discharge door of the granulator and pass the belt conveyor provided below the granulator Transport to the next section.


The ZKL series granulator produced by our company has its unique advantages with advanced processing and manufacturing capabilities and professional design level:

1.Environmental protection: The design adopts a sealed cover design, which can effectively prevent the dust from overflowing during the granulation process and greatly improve the working environment on site.

2. Low noise: The base adopts an integrated structure design. The entire base needs to be processed on the machine as a whole, forming at one time, which can meet the precise assembly requirements, and the equipment runs smoothly with low noise.

3. Product quality: The ceramsite sand produced by the granulator has a sphericity of more than 0.9, and at the same time, the surface is smooth and less burrs, the production product has a high pass rate, the finished product size is uniform, and it is easy to control.

4. Equipment performance: The equipment runs smoothly and has a compact structure. It adopts the direct-connected motor and integrated design of the base. The whole equipment is easy to install and maintain, and the failure rate is low.

Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of granulating equipment. We have been cultivating in this industry for many years, and have rich technical experience. We warmly welcome customers to visit our factory on site.

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