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      Technical Data

      Model: Ø1.0×10m - Ø3.6×36m


      Capacity: 1-40 (t/h)


      Power: 11-400 (kW)


      Application: mining ores, sand, clay, limestone, kaolin, cement, slag, coal, etc.



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      1. Shell adopts assembled structure, and its precision has been improved a lot, which will be convenient for  transport.


      2. According to different fuel properties, suuitable raising plate will be used. This can make material receive more heat exchange.


      3. Sealing is simple but efficient, which can improve capacity and improve whole machine performance. 


      4. Its matching combustion furnance is energy-saving type, which takes small area and is easy to adjuest. 

      If any more information about our product design, specification, spare parts or quotation etc, please feel free to contact us at +86 13526832749 (WhatsApp), or email us at zkeqpt@zkcorp.com.

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