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      Technical Data


      Capacity: 1-40(t/h)


      Powder: 7.5-132(kW)


      Slope: 3.5%-5%


      Applied material: sludge, fly ash, coal powder, slag



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      1. Reasonable partition can make the effect of materials dispersion become better.


      2. The unique arch breaker and shaking device can effectively solve the problems including feeding device bonded, agglomeration and movement blocked in the drying process.


      3. Taking the downstream craftsmanship of materials and heat flow can keep the origin of the materials.


      4. Optimizing the structure design, prolonging the lifespan.


      If any more information about our product design, specification, spare parts or quotation etc, please feel free to contact us at +86 13526832749 (WhatsApp), or email us at zkeqpt@zkcorp.com.

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