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      Technical Data


      Model: GZT-0724-GZT-1560


      Max Feed Size: 450-1000(mm)


      Capacity: 30-600(t/h)


      Application: mine,cement,lime plant


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      1. Vibrating source is motor, small noise, strong vibrating force. Low energy consumption.


      2. Stable vibrating force and easy adjustment, can change and control material feeding any time.


      3. Gap between stick on outlet are adjustable. It can separate soil and sand during feeding process, the pre-screen capability can improve the coarse crushing capacity.


      4. Material trough use frame type connect with rivet, and side plate is bend by a entire steel plate, compact structure, good rigidity, fatigue resistance.


      5. Both backplate and stick are made by ware-resistant material, strong structure, high strength, impact resistance.


      6. Big processing capacity, reliable running, easy maintenance.


      If any more information about our product design, specification, spare parts or quotation etc, please feel free to contact us at +86 13526832749 (WhatsApp), or email us at zkeqpt@zkcorp.com.

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