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      Technical Data

      Model : Customized Sizes


      Applied Material: Limestone, cement, ore, sand, slag, coal, etc.


      Capacity: 0.4-230 (t/h)


      Grinding type: Dry / Wet Process


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      1. Large capacity and continuous work are obvious advantages;

      2. Various barrel lining and grinding media, excellent corrosion resistance;

      3. Large capacity and crushing ratio; High grinding efficiency, low energy consumption;

      4. Large application range, simple structure and convenient maintence;

      5. Good sealing performance. It can be adapted to different working conditions;

      6. Product fineness is adjustable, uniform and high qualified.

      7. Installation and adjustment are very convenient and easy to operate.


      If any more information about our product design, specification, spare parts or quotation etc, please feel free to contact us at +86 13526832749 (WhatsApp), or email us at zkeqpt@zkcorp.com.

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