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      Technical Data

      Screen Layer: 1-4


      Screen area: 2.88-18 (m2)


      Capacity: 20-900 (m3/h)


      Applied material: Sand, quarry, coal, minerals, building materials, etc.


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      1. Adopt tire coupling, flexible connection with smooth operation and low compacting to motor.


      2. Adopt inclined structure with small amplitude and high frequency, which have features like high screening efficiency, 

      large processing ability, long life time, low energy consumption and low noise.


      3. The material of screen is wear-resistance, fatigue-resistance and corrosion-resistance, also have features like high aperture ratio, light weight and high classification accuracy.


      4. Adopt steel spiral spring as vibration damper, which have reliable performance and long life time.


      5. Flexible for usage, processing capacity can be control by adjusting screen inclination.


      If any more information about our product design, specification, spare parts or quotation etc, please feel free to contact us at +86 13526832749 (WhatsApp), or email us at zkeqpt@zkcorp.com.

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