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      Active Lime Project


      200tpd quick lime plant in Iran

      Publication date: 2019-11-21 14:50 article source: ZK Corp viewed:

      Brief Introduction

      Country: Iran

      Project Name: 200TPD Quick Lime Plant

      Contact Date: February, 2014

      Main Equipment: Preheater, Φ2.8x43m Rotary Kiln, Vertical Cooler, Bag Filter, Cyclone Dust Collector, Jaw Crusher, Apron Conveyor, Belt Conveyor, Bucket Elevator, Vibration Feeder, Vibration Screen and etc.

      Raw Material: Quick Lime

      Annual Output: 66,000tpa

      Application: for steel industry

      Estimate Finished Time: December, 2014

      Project Description

      This project will be built in Ardakan, Iran and the total scale will be 2 of 200tpd and 2 of 300tpd quick lime production lines. Those quicklime will be used for the steel plants in Ardakan. After good business discussion and technical exchanges, the owner of this project signed the contract with us for the first 200tpd production line in December of 2013 and started in February of 2014. This contract mainly includes design for the complete plant and equipment fabrication.

      Due to its reduction of fuel consumption,it breaks the traditional pattern of lime production through successful application of environment-freindly,energy-saving active lime rotary.


      Project Advantages

      1. High quality quick lime and high capacity output.

      2. Stable production with negative pressure. Fluent airflow and safety operation.

      3. Controllable rotary kiln has simple structure, which are easy for operation and maintenance.

      4. Lower heat consumption for unit product. Rotary Kiln has Vertical Preheater in the kiln tail which can completely use the exhaust gas for preheating limestone. This can reduce the consumption of fuel.

      5. Kiln head adopts the design of Vertical Cooler integrating kiln head cover. This kind of design requires less landing area and good sealing, which can effectively avoid hot waste gas emission unsystematically.

      6. Good environmental dust collection. This production line adopts Bag Filter and Cyclone Dust Collector whose discharge concentration is less than 50mg/Nm3.

      7. High standard automatic control. The adjustment, control and alarm of production system’s operation are controlled in the master control room. High working efficiency with less workers.

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